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How to Sell Your iPhone 13

The iPhone® 13 is among the most popular smartphones on the market. While it's no longer the newest phone on the market, it's still competitive with all but the most cutting-edge models. Reselling your iPhone 13 today can be a great way to preserve your original investment, especially with a little help from Gazelle.

Why You Should Trade in Your Used iPhone 13

Trading in your iPhone 13 is a much better option than throwing it away or letting it sit in a drawer collecting dust. When you buy a new phone, you're spending a significant amount of money. You want to recapture as much as possible when it's time for a change.

There are lots of reasons to sell your iPhone 13 to Gazelle:

  • Selling is easy: Our digital platform makes selling your cell phone easy without leaving your home. No making an online listing, paying for ads, or meeting up with strangers.
  • Extra money is a good thing: Selling your used iPhone is one of the best ways to earn some extra funds, whether you plan on using it for a new phone or something else.
  • Reselling is sustainable: Selling your iPhone 13 allows you to extend the useful life of your old phone.
  • Used iPhones have high resale values: Used iPhones typically have higher resale values than phones from other brands — especially newer models like the iPhone 13. That means more money for you.

How Much Is Your iPhone 13 Worth?

We'll determine your phone's worth and our initial offer by asking you a few easy questions about condition and functionality. Some examples include:

  • Whether your phone powers on and lights up.
  • Whether all the features of your phone are fully functional, like the volume, headphone jack and apps.
  • If there are any apparent surface scratches, blemishes, cracks or dents.

How to Sell Your iPhone 13 to Gazelle

Once you like our initial offer, we'll supply you with a free shipping label so you can send your phone to us for inspection. When we receive your phone, we'll evaluate it. If we determine your iPhone 13 has a higher or lower value than our initial proposal, we'll adjust the offer.

You pay nothing and risk nothing. You can receive your money through PayPal, an Amazon gift card or a check.

The faster you get started, the sooner you'll receive your money.

Why Sell Your iPhone 13 Online with Gazelle

You have a few options when it comes to selling your iPhone 13. Why choose Gazelle? We're among the fastest, simplest, safest and most reliable companies out there. We offer a transparent price for your Apple iPhone 13 and other devices.

Give Your Old Device a Second Life

Selling your old smartphone with Gazelle isn't just the right choice for your finances, but also for the environment. When an old phone goes to a landfill, it becomes electronic waste that leaks harmful chemicals into local groundwater sources. Our website takes the stress out of connecting your old phone to a new owner.

The Best Price for an Easy Selling Experience

When you work with us, there's no risk. We'll provide you with the most honest and accurate offer possible. Between that and our streamlined sale process, there's no easier way to get cash for an old device. Just head to our to the Sell page and follow the instructions to get a quote and guidelines on selling us your Apple iPhone.

If you're ready to make money while helping the environment, price your device with Gazelle today.


How much can you sell an iPhone 13 for?

You can sell an iPhone 13 for between $500 and $800. The exact price depends on its condition and storage capacity, and the value will decline with each new iPhone launch. Saving time by selling today with Gazelle often means that you lock in a better price, too.

Who pays most for iPhones?

Gazelle offers some of the highest prices of any trade-in service. On top of that, you can receive payment in a check or Amazon gift card, while Apple only offers credit.

Is it safe to sell your old iPhone?

It's safe to sell your old iPhone as long as you do it the right way. First, back up your data and factory reset your phone. Then, choose a trusted buyer/seller like Gazelle or use an ecoATM kiosk for device recycling.

Do iPhone models lose value?

While iPhone models retain their value better than many other smartphones, they still depreciate over time. Most iPhone models lose 50% or more of their value within three years from their release date.