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Sell Your Samsung Phone

Samsung® phones offer some of the highest-performing mobile features at a great value. Few brands provide such a superior package of services and hardware. When it's time to get a new phone, it only makes sense to trade your old model in, as soon as possible, so you can get an even better return on your investment.

At Gazelle, we offer a streamlined buying process to provide you with a fair offer for your used Samsung phone. Our safe, easy-to-use platform lets you find your phone's value in minutes.

Why You Should Trade in Your Used Samsung Phone

Whether you want to buy a new phone or you just want some extra spending money, trading in an old device instead of letting it sit idle has many benefits. Here are a few reasons to sell your Samsung now:

• It's safe and easy: Our user-friendly selling platform makes it easy to earn money for your phone. There's no need to advertise or meet up with a stranger from a marketplace site.

• It's sustainable: Trading in your phone rather than trashing it means less e-waste since another user may give your old device a new life.

• Timing matters: Cell phones depreciate over time. The sooner you sell your Samsung, the higher the resale value will be.

Determining the Value of Your Samsung Phone

We can provide you with a quick initial estimate for your used Samsung phone when you answer a few questions. We'll use factors like age, model, storage capacity, performance and cosmetics to determine its condition. Some specifics we'll look at include:

• Battery life.

• Graphics quality.

• The presence of scratches, chips, cracks or dents.

• How quickly your phone powers up.

• The functionality of the buttons and controls.

How to Sell Your Used Samsung Phone Online

We'll extend an initial offer for the value of your phone based on the details you share with us. Next, we'll give you a prepaid shipping label. Once we receive your phone, we'll assess it to confirm its value. If your Samsung is worth more or less than we estimated, we'll give you a new offer.

You'll get your payment via check, PayPal or an Amazon gift card. If you choose not to sell, we'll send your phone back hassle-free.

Why Gazelle Is the Smartest Choice for Buying and Selling Samsung Phones

We're one of the original electronics reCommerce pioneers. Our many satisfied customers indicate our level of commitment, honesty and dependability. Few companies have the superior products and exceptional services we offer.

Plus, we have one of the safest, fastest and most straightforward buying and selling processes you'll find online.

Let Gazelle Buy Your Samsung Phone Today

Start the selling process for your old Samsung phone today. You can get a free offer with just a few clicks.