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Sell Your iPhone 11 Pro

If you want to get paid quickly and securely for an old smartphone, Gazelle is the way to go. Check out our convenient trade in process below and sell your iPhone® 11 Pro model with confidence!

Why Sell Your Used iPhone 11 Pro?

There are a number of reasons to sell your iPhone 11 Pro to us. In selling your iPhone 11 Pro to Gazelle, you:

  • Save money on a replacement phone: Use that money for the next device that you buy
  • Save electronic waste from landfills: Buying pre-owned makes the market more sustainable, and someone else gets new life out of your device.
  • Support your household budget: We know that in today’s world, money is tight. A little extra value can go a long way toward anything you’re saving for.

How Much is My iPhone 11 Pro Worth?

The iPhone 11 was state of the art when it came out, but now there are newer models with 5G connectivity and other advanced features. The iPhone 11 isn't necessarily an old phone, but a lot of models have come out since then.

With the Super Retina display and the Apple A13 chip, the iPhone 11 Pro is still a modern smartphone with some value on today’s market. Of course, as mentioned, there are many newer models, but you can still make some money from your iPhone 11 Pro by selling it as a used phone.

Phones that are in perfect condition tend to receive a higher offer than those that are older or with cosmetic damage. However, we still make offers on phones with scratches and blemishes, or general wear and tear.

How Do I Sell My iPhone 11 Pro?

In order to sell your iPhone 11 Pro to Gazelle:

  1. Tell us your phone's model, storage capacity and the carrier that you have.
  2. Fill out some questions about your phone regarding its current condition.
  3. We'll extend an initial offer. You may even get some money for a "broken" phone, although that is subject to some factors.
  4. You can accept or reject the offer.
  5. When we get your phone in the mail, we'll inspect it to make sure it matches the description and give you a final offer.
  6. Lastly, you can accept the final offer. You can get paid with a check, PayPal, or an Amazon gift card.

Trade In Today Online with Gazelle

Need more reasons to sell a pre-owned iPhone 11 Pro to Gazelle? We've got your back:

  • Quick online sale process: You don’t have to meet people or go over prices to get your phone to a new owner. You just fill in the information and get your price offer, all from the comfort of your own home.
  • Transparency: We operate with integrity and honesty, giving you transparent price information. You can see how we also do this with the devices that we recondition and sell after restoring to factory settings.
  • Safe selling platform: Our platform is a safe and secure place to sell used devices, ranging from your used iPhone 11 to that old tablet you have in a drawer at home.