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Sell an iPhone 11 Online

Whether you want to upgrade to the newest iPhone® or are looking for a complete change, selling your iPhone 11 to Gazelle should be your first step. We make the process efficient and straightforward to help you get the funds you deserve quickly.

Why Sell Your Used iPhone 11?

Selling your used iPhone 11 has several benefits — and when you want to change phones, Gazelle is one of your best bets. When you sell with Gazelle, you can:

• Be sustainable : Your phone can have an opportunity for a new life with someone else rather than ending up in a drawer or landfill.

• Make money for a new phone: Get some money that you can put toward a new upgrade. Whether you're looking for the latest models or last year's phones at a great price, you can use the money you receive from selling your phone as a down payment.

• Save money for something else: Use the money you make from selling your used phone for something else. Maybe you've been saving for tablet, vacation or date night. Selling an old phone is a great way to get some quick funds.

How Much Is My iPhone 11 Worth?

We consider several factors when determining how much your iPhone 11 is worth. We look at your carrier and how many gigabytes your used phone is. We want to know whether your device powers on, if the screen works and if there are any cracks. How Do I Sell My iPhone 11?

Selling or trading in your iPhone 11 to Gazelle is easy. Once you've navigated to our website, follow these steps:

  1. Select your carrier.
  2. Choose which size gigabyte cell phone you have.
  3. Answer questions about the condition of your iPhone, including whether it turns on or has any cracks, dents or bends.
  4. Get your offer and enter your email to complete the process.

Once we receive your phone, we'll inspect it and send you your payment via check, PayPal or Amazon gift card. We'll send a new offer if the condition isn't what we expected or what you described during your initial offer.

Why Sell Your iPhone 11 to Gazelle?

While you could try selling locally, you'll likely find that Gazelle is more efficient and helps you get more bang for your buck. The benefits of selling your iPhone 11 with Gazelle include:

• Clear Offers: We have a direct, honest payment method for our sellers. There are no hidden fees when you choose Gazelle.

• Convenient selling: You can fill out our questionnaire in a few minutes and get on with your day. Once you send your iPhone 11 to us, we'll examine it to ensure everything aligns with how you described it and pay you. It's that easy.

• A safe platform: We've designed our platform with your safety in mind. There's no need to meet up with a stranger you met online.

Ready to Sell Your iPhone 11 Online?

Sell your used iPhone 11 in a flash by filling out our simple form today. You'll be on your way to having money back in your pocket.